Wechat dating website

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Wechat dating website

They mainly use the voice message function as they see it as an alterative to making phone calls.

For my mum’s generation (60 and plus), the benefit here is ‘free’.

Three days ago, my Chinese friend introduced me to download We Chat app on my IPhone.

If more people in the UK know about We Chat the benefits of making friends with people who are near you, I can see it take over dating websites.

They might only be saving a few pennies but still this benefit pushed them to learn new technology.

Now my mum doesn’t have to rely on me calling her—she can leave me voice messages to communicate whenever she wants without the constraint of time difference.

Unlike dating website, the light-heart of ‘social’ takes the pressure off ‘dating’ and people can build up connections and feelings along with chatting.

This is similar as ‘chat room’ which were popular over a decade ago.

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The convenience of dating/mating also thanks to the location function that list users from closest distance to further away.

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