Avila camacho sexenio

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Avila camacho sexenio

When the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) ruled the presidency in the 1930s following the Revolution, the Mexican government practically monopolized the press in Mexico in order to get favorable coverage in the media.

Local journalists are largely responsible for reporting what happens day-to-day in Mexico and the international media relies on them.Between 19, an intense struggle for political control developed between Calles and the new president, Crdenas.At the time, Calles represented the conservative elements of the revolutionary coalition, while Crdenas drew his support from the more radical political elements.Violence across Mexico spread shortly thereafter, as rival organized crime groups fought for territorial control and with the government.This rise in drug-related murders came alongside a spike of attacks against the press, with drug cartels and corrupt officials wanting to take control the flow of information that reached the news.

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When the Mexican government began to sell off the media public enterprises in the 1980s, more autonomous and independent newspapers with diversity in their news coverages were born.

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